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Claire's Song

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Teenage dreamer, part-time schemer

Hid your pain so well


Built a box, an airtight box

So no one could ever tell


Wrote your story, in all its glory

A shelter from the pain


Could have told us, should have told us

Your story could have changed


The dark dark demons—had come to take you

To a place no one should ever be

Alone and frightened, you tried to fight ‘em

A future you just couldn’t see


Your story could have changed


Teenage dreamer, anxious dreamer


Your life was like a frantic race


Looking back, we missed the cracks

The chance to put it all back into place


We’ll never see you, never touch you

Never hear your voice again


Now you’re gone and we’re alone

Not knowing what to do


Your story could have changed



An empty room, a quiet house

Left us hear alone

Had a plan, now you’re gone

Teenage dreamer is no more


Teenage dreamer, we still see you

But we never had a clue

That you’d be gone and we’d be here

Slowly dying without you


Yes you should have told us

You could have told us


Your story could have changed



























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